Prime Day Preview: New MacBook Air Just $999

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Apple Kills Off the Last Non-Touchbar MacBook Pros, Discounts MacBook Air

Grab a MacBook Air on sale starting at $999 at Amazon, a full five days ahead of Prime Day. The new change in the keyboard is aimed to reduce the widespread issues spurred by Apple's butterfly keyboard.

Despite packing a Touch Bar and Touch ID, the internals of the new base 13-inch MacBook Pro are similar to the previous generation non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro variants instead of the Touch Bar variants. Its price has been also lowered to Rs 99,900.

For students, it's better: Apple slashed the tag further to Dh4,417.35.

Alongside the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro updates, Apple has cut SSD prices across the Mac line, sometimes by as much as half. This configuration has Intel's Core i7-8557U, which reportedly is a custom version of its Core i7-8550U processor, with a TDP of 15W and a max Turbo Boost frequency of up to 4.5GHz.

In Australia, pricing for the new Apple MacBook Air starts at AU$1,699 or AU$1,549 for university students.

Apple this week finally refreshed its undoubtedly aging entry-level MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro offers a better and more powerful processor, better screen. Because those hardware upgrades like the Touch Bar are going to sap more power, and Apple needs to maintain the same (claimed) 10 hour battery life. It also now features the TouchBar navigation panel, Touch ID, True Tone Retina display and the Apple T2 Security Chip.

"College students love the Mac - it's thenotebook they rely on from the dorm room to the classroom, and the No.1 choiceamong higher educationstudents", said Tom Boger, Apple's senior director ofMac product marketing.

That gives the new model single-core and multi-core scores of 4,639 and 16,665, compared with the 4,341 and 9,084 scores given to the 2017 entry-level MacBook Pro.

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