Nintendo Reveals $200 Switch Lite Handheld

Switch Lite

Nintendo Reveals $200 Switch Lite Handheld

The Nintendo Switch Lite has a smaller 5.5-inch screen and its dimensions are 3.6 inches width, 8.2 inches length, and 0.55 inches depth.

Priced at $329.95, the Switch Lite is cheaper than the standard issue Switch, which retails for $469 in Australia but has since been priced around $399.

The launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite had been rumoured for some time, and now the news is official. The handheld only take on Nintendo's console can even use motion controls and rumble if you sync Joy-Cons from the bigger original console. You can still pair Joy-Cons with the Switch Lite, but that's a bit silly when there are already controllers on the device and motion controls are rarely integral to the experience.

"Adding Nintendo Switch Lite to the lineup gives gamers more color and price point options", Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser, said in a statement.

There have been other Pokemon spin-offs through the years too, usually on Nintendo's major console rather than the handheld.

However, the problem is that this repetition started emerging very early on in the franchise, and when you consider how many different plants, animals and inanimate objects exist on Earth, the justification for seeing the same ones depicted in Pokémon isn't going to be super effective. You can use any compatible controller to play these games on the Switch Lite, which is all well and good but the device lacks a kickstand. High graphics games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild could only be played for 3 hours due to the load placed on the processor, which in turn, drains the battery.

The Switch's first-party party game is rarity on this list in that it only supports Tabletop and Docked gameplay modes.

But the difference between numerous spin-offs and the main series has been this: the main series has remained on Nintendo handhelds, which is why Sword and Shield will be different. The Lite won't be able to dock with a television, nor will its Joy-Cons be able to detach from the console. It's a little unusual to see the "Switch" part in its name, especially since this is unable to, well, switch between handheld and TV mode, but hey, it's probably all part of the same naming convention at this juncture anyway. If you're unsure which games include this mode, just look for the "handheld mode" icon on your game's packaging, or on the eShop.

The new version of the Switch is called the Nintendo Switch Lite, and it costs just $US200 - but that's because it's a slightly more limited version of the current Switch. See the image below for reference. But as someone who owns the regular Switch, I'd say it's worth the extra $100.

Of course, Sword and Shield received some fan hate last month at E3 for having a poor graphical rendering of a tree in-game.

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