MLB chief admits baseballs have 'less drag', denies balls are 'juiced'

Baseball Needs to Think Much Bigger With Its Expansion


People who are not familiar with the sport we all love so much suddenly think five hour long baseball games are normal.all thanks to the home run ball.

Manfred said the league is working to determine why baseballs are producing less drag after contact, but denied that the trend is a result of deliberate changes dictated by the league.

Shao Yinxin, director of marketing and media for MLB China, said: "By appealing to a younger demographic with games that they enjoy, this will help increase the penetration of baseball into their lives".

Houston Astros All-Star pitcher Justin Verlander is convinced that Major League Baseball has been manipulating the balls to increase the distance and number of home runs.

"It's a f-ing joke", the All-Star vocalized, per ESPN's Jeff Passan. They own Rawlings, and you've got Manfred up here saying it might be the way they center the pill. He surmised that baseballs have been "juiced" or altered because they are manufactured by an MLB-owned company.

Baseball as we know it is suffering a slow and agonizing demise.

But with specific regard to Manfred, the guy simply has to come up with stronger answers. If we just take a look at run scoring and offense in general, however, things don't actually look all that out of whack when compared to the past 25 years of baseball. "It's not coincidence. We're not idiots".

Manfred however did acknowledge there was "less drag" on baseballs being used this year, which could be responsible for the spike in home run statistics. Moreso, players not known for hitting home runs earlier in their careers started to swat them on a regular basis. In the article, Arthur provided preliminary mathematical data whilst pointing out that the ball had returned to its aerodynamic peak and was performing as in 2017 when several home run records were set. Anyone else think it is insane that Vladimir Guerrero Jr, a 20-year old Rookie hit 91 home runs?!

"Yes. 100%. They've been using juiced balls in the Home Run Derby forever", he said. The Twins lead the league in home runs during this power surge, but are they all ill-gotten bombas?Because Major League Baseball can't seem to get out of its own way, a big storyline of this season that also became a focus during the All-Star break is the current state of the actual baseball.

"The ball suddenly changed and I don't know why", Clark said.

The goal of the change is to improve the pace that is associated with numerous pitching changes, and also to exclude the possibility of teams starting to open games with a pitcher to face a single batter or something like that.

About a month ago, I wrote about the Chicago Cubs' Jon Lester and the juiced ball theory. "You don't want to, but I think we all have our suspicions".

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