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MacBook Air 2019

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The MacBook Air's update is the addition of its True Tone technology, which is supposed to adjust the display's colors based on ambient lighting, to the 13-inch MacBook Air's Retina Display.

Entry-level MacBook Airs for students are $150 cheaper at $1,549 while the Pro will set you back a cool $1,849, shaving off $150 from the regular retail price. Under this, higher education students, their parents, faculty, staff and home-school teachers can get a pair of Beats headphones and a discount on qualifying Mac, iPad and other Apple products.

The Macbook Air, which cost $1199 earlier gets a $100 price cut, and an upgraded True Tone display. That said, it was a confusing product line that Apple was presenting after it updated the MacBook Air. Only the headline has been changed. It was the slimmest laptop in the company's lineup.

MacBook Air features a thin and light design in three lovely finishes, the convenience and security of Touch ID, an 8th-generation dual-core processor, immersive wide stereo sound and all-day battery life. For many, the entry-level options were a great place to start but Apple has since announced it's tweaking its basic offerings in both price and specs.

While there's no denying that the 12-inch MacBook desperately needed an update, especially after Apple released the Retina MacBook Air previous year, we don't quite feel the same way about the last-gen MacBook Air. This brings the starting price down to US$1,099 and just US$999 for students.

Plus, with 128GB of flash storage, you can keep your most important files on hand thanks to an ultra-reliable and quiet drive. In other words, if you're in a room with yellow light, the display will turn slightly yellow so as to seem more natural.

Apple has hammered the final nail into the coffin of the 12-inch MacBook, removing it from their online store after ceasing updates to the model in June 2017.

"The 13" MacBook Pro also comes with the latest butterfly keyboard that was introduced in the last MacBook Pro refresh.

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