Messi played the referee against PSG, claims Silva

Messi furious after Copa America, says tournament is set up for Brazil and refuses to pick up third-place medal

Lionel Messi Got First International Red Card In 14 Years In Copa America 2019 Third Place Playoff Between Argentina, Chile | WATCH VIDEO

He boycotted the medal ceremony in the third-place match to drive home his point.

Earlier, reported that Lionel Messi has blamed corrupt practices at the ongoing Copa America 2019 after receiving his second red card as a professional footballer during Argentina's losers' final victory over Chile.

The Argentina captain railed against what he sees as favoritism towards hosts Brazil from Copa America officials, as well as an overly-robust standard of refereeing against his own team which culminated in the first red card that Messi has been shown in 14 years. The two players were ejected, but the decision was very harsh on Messi.

Instead of accepting responsibility for his team's shortcomings - which he captains - the FC Barcelona player instead made a decision to place all the blame on the pitch conditions in Brazil, the officiating, and the entire South American confederation being rigged to help Brazil win the competition.

Messi didn't mince any words later.

"I do not agree with what (Messi) said", he said, according to ESPN. They've shown us a lack of respect throughout this tournament.

"Corruption and the referees are preventing people from enjoying the football and they're ruining it a bit", said the global star.

"Maybe what I said last time played a part today", Messi said. "For him, it was a yellow card, at max".

He rejected the notion that he was out of line and that he might be suspended for his remarks, claiming that "the truth needed to be told".

Argentina's archrival Brazil, meanwhile, eventually won the Copa America by beating Peru in the final.

Sorry Lionel, but sometimes you don't win and you have to respect responsibility for your shortcomings.

In the 37th minute, Medel and Messi came face-to-face with one another after the ball went out of play for a Chilean goal-kick, with the midfielder appearing more aggrieved.

He'd also claimed after Argentina's semi-final defeat that the tournament hosts were "managing a lot in CONMEBOL these days". "I think he lost & he has to accept it, swallow it".

The saga is another PR nightmare for local organisers and Conmebol, who have been heavily criticized throughout the tournament for bad organization, costly ticket prices, empty stadiums, lengthy VAR delays and poor pitches.

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