Amy Hart's Parents Say It's Hard To Watch Curtis Disrespect Her


SPLIT Curtis and Amy could be splitting

AJ Pritchard has come to the defence of his brother Curtis, after his Love Island relationship was left in a shambles last night (July 3).

Wednesday's dramatic instalment of the programme saw a number of other islanders choose to couple up with other people, prompting arguments and causing upset in the villa. "When I'm not near you I don't feel like me, and I genuinely mean that".

Social media lauded the pair as they joked about Ovie stealing Joanna from Michael -so that Amber could reunite with her former beau again.

Amber was shocked to see Michael stood with Joanna when she returned to the main villa, and hours later they had an explosive row after the firefighter branded her and pal Anna Vakili "childish". She tells Amber and Amy: "You've not been in a position where your guy has had his head turned and I have".

With Amy dropping the L-bomb whilst Curtis has been making moves on Jourdan, there is clearly trouble in paradise... but what lies in store for this couple?

Lucie asks Tommy for a chat and explains she still has romantic feelings for him.

One wrote: "I can't shake the sense that Lucie is holding out hope for Tommy to swoop in - just me?"

Others praised him for taking inspiration from Rihanna lyrics ('only girl in the world') and Tom Cruise in 1996 rom-com Jerry Maguire ('you complete me').

She will add: "There have been so many times where I want him to teach me how to dance". "I've known you for how many weeks now?"

Amber tells him: "It's alright". I have a good connection with Amy, she's a lovely young lady, she's fascinating. He captioned it "Am I bothered?"

Molly Mae knew what she was doing when she went to Casa Amor without Ellie Bellie.

Curtis tells Tommy: "I've been lying in mine and Amy's relationship without even realising it".

Tommy says: "You can't switch those things off".

Rather than apologising for his decision, he appeared to blame Amber for things that were wrong in their relationship, and called her "childish".

Later in the evening, Amy confronts Curtis to get some answers after writing a list of questions on her phone.

You are not going to find better than 1/4 about either and to win as a couple 5/18 is the best on offer, an implied probability of 78.3%. I don't like these things.

Love Island is always good at throwing a curve-ball or two into the show and that's exactly what went down as it was announced the girls in the villa would be moving to Casa Amor during the fourth week.

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