Kevin Spacey 'groping victim' drops civil case

Kevin Spacey accuser drops lawsuit against the actor

Actor Kevin Spacey attends a pretrial hearing at district court in Nantucket Mass. on June 3

A civil lawsuit filed against Kevin Spacey following allegations that he groped a young man at a restaurant on Nantucket has been dismissed.

On Friday, the accuser's lawyer Mitchel Garabedian said the alleged victim filed a voluntary notice of dismissal Wednesday in Massachusetts Superior Court, just over a week after the suit was filed.

Garabedian declined to comment further on the dismissal, citing the pending criminal case prosecutors filed previous year against Spacey.

In a court appearance last month, the thespian's attorney, Alan Jackson, alleged the boy's phone - which he claimed featured "frat boy activities" - was wiped clean before it was handed to the police. While he still faces criminal charges, the civil suit against him has been dismissed. A telephone message was also left at his office.

According to the court filing, the suit was dismissed "with prejudice", which means it can not be refiled.

Other defense attorneys who have represented high-profile clients and spoke with ABC News about the Spacey case said the civil lawsuit could be seen as another blow to the prosecution's case.

The criminal case against Spacey will continue with a hearing scheduled for Monday.

"Nevertheless, money is a great motivator for an individual not to follow through".

The sexual assault accusation was first brought forward in November 2017 by former Boston TV news anchor Heather Unruh when she publicly accused the actor of assaulting her then 18-year-old son at a bar in July 2016. The alleged victim reportedly worked at the Nantucket bar as a busboy at the time.

"We're operating with very little info, but it's clear something unusual is going on here", he said.

Nantucket District Court Judge Thomas Barrett has ordered the man to hand the phone over to the defense, but his attorney said they can not find it.

In January the judge overseeing his criminal case ordered Spacey's accuser to provide his mobile phone to the defence.

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