Tetris is getting a 100-player battle royal game called Tetris Royale

Tetris 99 Will Soon Have A Tetris Battle Royale Rival

Tetris Royale wants to bring battle royale blocks to your cellphone

The 100-player battle royale action of Tetris 99 is coming to mobile devices so you can play anytime, anywhere.

"Tetris Royale will feature a variety of game modes, from the hallmark 100-player Tetris Royale mode to massive daily competitions of thousands of players to solo Marathon mode where players can hone their Tetris skills", the press release explained.

The newcomer is simply called Tetris Royale, a mobile game that has been born thanks to a partnership between The Tetris Company and mobile developer N3twork.

"I think the product we're building takes advantage of all the things a modern mobile game can provide for you today", Young adds.

Tetris Royale will come with a lot of different game modes.

Tetris 99 arrived in February 2019 and multiplied the principle, having 99 players competing against each other until only one remained. We can't imagine it causing too much of a bother, but it'll be interesting to see how the two games compare nonetheless.

As its core, Tetris Royale will be the familiar Tetris game everyone knows - puzzle pieces will rain down and players will need to arrange them together in order to clear lines and avoid being eliminated. Players can win daily challenges, power-ups, and boosters by playing the classic mode. We don't have a release date beyond the promise of limited in beta testing in 2019. You can keep an eye out for when the Beta opens by paying attention N3TWORK's Twitter and also the official Tetris Twitter.

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