Trump kicks off 2020 campaign at Orlando rally

Trump kicks off 2020 campaign at Orlando rally

Trump kicks off 2020 campaign at Orlando rally

Promising the packed arena in Orlando, Florida an "earthquake at the ballot box", Trump said: "We did it once and we're going to do it again - and this time we're going to finish the job". Florida was chosen for a reason: the positions of Democrats and Republicans there are about equally strong. The latter included Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whom Trump praised for signing into law a ban on "sanctuary cities" in Florida even though such a thing has never existed, and departing White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, whom Trump encouraged to run for Arkansas governor.

Amidst chants of "four more years" from his supporters, Trump announced his 2020 re-election campaign to complete his unfinished agenda.

Then Trump turned on the Democrats, whom he said have "become more radical, more risky, and more unhinged than at any point in the modern history of our country". He released an anti-Trump documentary in 2018 called "Fahrenheit 11/9" and starred in a one-man Broadway show called "The Terms of My Surrender" in 2017.

Almost all of the president's 20-something Democratic opponents have framed their campaigns, at least in part, on pushing Trump out of office. He argues the campaign's message is focused completely on Trump's base.

Biden, though, has faced criticism among Democratic rivals for his embrace of high-rolling donors and top-dollar fundraisers.

Trump accused Democrats and the media of conducting "a witch hunt" to "take down our incredible movement". "The Democratic Party is committed to mobilising South Asian voters to deny Trump a second chance at implementing his regressive policies", Santos told PTI. I'm gonna ask you to vote on it. ...

Such harsh rhetoric is explained by the fact that the trump was in the position to catch up.

Unveiling a theme of "Keep America Great", Trump in a speech that lasted 79 minutes exuded the confidence of winning the general elections.

A new Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday found that Trump is now trailing several potential Democratic opponents, including former Vice President Joe Biden, who led Trump 50% to 41%. The level of error in the survey is estimated at plus or minus 3%. Additionally, Trump's approval rating has yet to climb above 45 percent, according to a Gallup poll in April.

This was about firing up Republican shock troops for what will be a toxic campaign.

One of the strongest trumps trump in this election campaign should be the economic situation: the unemployment rate fell to its lowest since 2000 the level of 3.8%, the average hourly wage in the country continues to grow slowly and increased by 2.7% compared to may of a year ago. As noted by CNBC, the favorable situation in the economy can help Trump get re-elected, however, this factor alone may not be enough to win.

Trump claimed that Democrats want to take the country back to the past. His new campaign slogan - "Keep America Great" - was greeted with boisterous cheers.

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