Nintendo makes over Dr. Mario for iOS and Android

Dr Mario World

Dr. Mario World coming to mobile July 10th! New trailer and info released

Nintendo is gearing up to drop an update of 1990 classic Dr. Mario for Android and iOS next month. Australians will be getting the game on both platforms (some smaller countries, like the Virgin Islands, are only getting the game on one or the other).

In a similar fashion to previous Dr Mario games, this mobile iteration will see you playing a puzzle title where you pull capsules up against viruses to match three in a row.

You can watch a trailer for Dr. Mario World below.

The game will use Diamonds as its currency using which players can buy in-game items.

Nintendo's reimagining of Dr. Mario for mobile finally has a launch date after being announced earlier this year.

The game appears to be Nintendo's attempt to cash in on the Match-3 puzzle genre - sort of like Candy Crush Saga, if that game made me a little less hungry for gummy bears. However, each puzzling configuration of viruses will need to be eliminated using only a limited number of capsules. Dr. Mario World is free-to-play but features microtransactions. Pre-registrations for Dr. Mario World have started on the App Store.

In addition to the single-player Stage Mode, there is also a Versus Mode in which players can compete one-on-one in real time over the internet. Those who want to be notified once the game is available to download can pre-register for the game notification today.

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