Huawei delays launch of Mate X foldable phone after Samsung debacle

Huawei delays Mate X release following Galaxy Fold borkage

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Both Samsung and Huawei revealed their plan to release a folding phone earlier on this year in February.

However, that doesn't seem to happen due to the US Ban.

A Huawei spokesperson admitted to CNET that the company is being more "cautious" after Samsung's problems with the Fold. The journalists claim that Huawei Mate X, despite the delay, will be running Android. "We don't want to launch a product to destroy our reputation".

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Fold is not the only delayed foldable device, Huawei has now delayed the launch of its new Huawei Mate 8 smartphone. Best Buy said last month that pre-orders were cancelled because Samsung did not have a launch date for the device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold was originally scheduled to launch in the United States on April 26 and in the UK on May 3, but is now delayed indefinitely following a number of issues with the pliable Infinity Flex display in review units handed to USA media. I'm sure the Galaxy Fold's issues had something to do with the delay, but I imagine the company had to rethink launch after the export ban as well. The $1,980 foldable phone was scheduled to go on sale in the United States on April 26, but Samsung hit the brakes right before the phone's launch due to numerous screen problems on review units. Now, a new report suggests that the company could also launch an entry-level tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

Learning from this mistake, Huawei's bend goes out, rather than in like the Fold. We are also waiting for other smartphone manufacturers who teased their own foldable phone to showcase the actual product as well.

Even though Huawei is reportedly working on its own mobile OS, the company might be looking elsewhere for its Android alternative. The South Korean giant then added that it will officially launch the phone and the sales will start on April 24, however, several units were sent out to various tech gadget reviewers which ended miserably for the tech giant.

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