Bethesda says its Orion technology improves game streaming

CREDIT Bethesda

CREDIT Bethesda

Id Software chief technology officer Robert Duffy and Bethesda director of publishing James Altman said on-stage that Orion's big push is in minimizing latency, which can be an ongoing issue with streaming games over the internet.

Original story (published during Bethesda's E3 conference on 10/06, 3am): Between two dragons, Bethesda announced a new streaming service called Orion at E3 2019, which aims at "optimising game engines for performance in a cloud environment" and "address the complex challenges of streaming".

We've heard of Google Stadia and the recently announced Project xCloud by Microsoft which helps bypass hardware problems most gamers face while gaming.

Hopefully we'll see this technology at work sooner rather than later. It is something game developers can integrate with their games to "provide players with a fundamentally better streaming experience". Still, the sheer speed of the thing looked impressive when I watched the conference back this morning, and I'll be keen to try it out for myself when Bethesda's public trials start later this year. Over at E3, Bethesda demonstrated Doom 2016 streamed onto a mobile device with 60fps and native 4K resolution with no latency or loss in graphics quality. Players who sign up at Doom Slayers will have the opportunity to stream Doom 2016 themselves, so head over to the site and register if you're keen to check this technology out.

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