X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Turner is set to star in the twelfth installment of the X-Men films, Dark Phoenix, playing Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix.

"The movie is about Jean evolving from this character into something else, and that's what Sophie did". The trailers for Dark Phoenix have focused on the disagreements among the X-Men over what to do with fiery Jean Grey, similar to Iron Man and Captain America bickering over the Sokovia Accords in Civil War.

Veteran X-Men producer Simon Kinberg makes his directorial debut with Dark Phoenix in addition to producing the film with Hutch Parker, Lauren Schuler Donner and Todd Hallowell.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix had its fair share of rewrites, even in the middle of shooting.

How tough was it to get Michael Fassbender to come back?

Dark Phoenix is in theaters now.

But Kinberg said that going into the film that would wrap up the two-decade-old X-Men franchise, he had another Marvel movie in mind.

Dark Phoenix also stars Jessica Chastain, Alexandra Shipp, Tye Sheridan, Evan Peters, and Kodi Smit-McPhee. Flash to 1992 with the X-Men being called upon by the USA president to save the crew of the Space Shuttle Endeavor, who encountered a solar flare shortly after takeoff. The cause of a happy and flourishing future for mutants, the one that animated Professor X's life (Patrick Stewart) and caused him to found the X-Men, is in its death throes. Unless Marvel wants to actually include the universe of these films as part of the MCU multiverse that it appears to have introduced in "Avengers: Endgame" and looks to build on in "Spider-Man: Far From Home". That backstory is embedded in Jackman's and Stewart's textured and heartbreaking performances, discernible even to one hasn't seen a single other "X-Men" movie. Unfortunately, the film is boring in spots, especially after such a great classic X-Men-like opening scene with the rescue mission. This works on several levels: It's a direct visual reference to Wolverine's status as the last of the "X-Men", a deft use of Christian iconography to make a point about the X-Men's larger cause and an emotionally appropriate way of wrapping up the original "X-Men" story (tragically, but with a flicker of hope).

X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner took to Twitter to throw some shade at the past few movies including Dark Phoenix, X-Men: Apocalypse, and The New Mutants. No, the problem with this series has always been the characters running around the monsters - the human element that somehow takes up so much of the filmmakers' concern and yet remains so very boring. If reviews and box office projections are any indication, Dark Phoenix brings it all to a close with a sputter.

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