What To Expect At E3 2019

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EA and Ubisoft have `most at stake’ as E3 summons gamers to LA

But instead of a traditional press conference like it has held in the past, EA will be hosting a series of livestreams on Saturday to highlight some of its current and upcoming games.

Microsoft will kick off with their big press conference on Sunday, June 9 from 9 pm (GMT).

There are a few ways that you can catch all of the announcements and news from the Nintendo Direct during E3 2019, but there's no in-person viewing for those attending. Other games scheduled for the livestream include "Battlefield V", "FIFA 20", and "Apex Legends". A Nintendo Switch Lite seems very likely considering the company's history with slimmed-down handheld system revisions, but it's doubtful Nintendo will reveal it at E3. A lot of announcement will be made, trailers, games, and other news.

As E3 closes in on us, the developers and publishers of the gaming world are starting to reveal what their shows are going to look like this year and according to an agenda that was shared by Xbox Brasil, Microsoft is going to have one of the longest ever E3 shows.

Gears of War 5's rumored September 10 release date might have been more accurate than we originally believed - a billboard outside of the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles confirms a Fall 2019 release window (i.e. September through November) as well as its Xbox Game Pass availability.

Sorry, Nintendo Switch fans, Bayonetta 3 is not coming your way this year (more on that later). Everything gets underway at 9:15 AM PT / 12:15 PM ET / 5:15 PM BST (2:15 AM AET on June 9). And while unlikely, there's a chance Bethesda could offer a few more details on "The Elder Scrolls 6" or "Starfield". Phil Spencer has, however, teased that 14 first-party games will be on display during the event, including those from some of the studios that Microsoft acquired previous year. But Ubisoft will show something about Watch Dogs Legion, and maybe some insights about Beyond Good and Evil. Square Enix is also expected to show off Avengers game, along with the popular RPG title that is a remake of Final Fantasy VII. Like the two previous years, E3 2019 is selling tickets to the public.

When is the Nintendo E3 Direct?

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