A group of men call themselves Super Happy Fun America

BOSTON: Straight Pride Parade Planned For August

Smash Mouth Does Not Have Time For Boston's Proposed 'Straight Pride' Parade

The city complied and now the "Straight Pride Parade" seems to be a real thing, causing social media to explode in outrage.

Police arrested a right-wing activist, Moshiko Ben Zikri, on Wednesday night during an anti-Pride parade rally. Super Happy Fun America had adopted the actor as an unofficial mascot for the movement, which seeks to "advocates on behalf of the straight community" and describes straight people as "an oppressed majority".

Using the hashtag #StraightPride, Twitter users voiced support and anger and shared jokes about the planned parade.

According to MassLive, Mark Sahady posted to Facebook to say the wheels are in motion for the "straight pride" parade later this year.

The Republican candidate for Massachusetts' 5th Congressional District in the 2018 mid-term election John Hugo is one of three people spearheading this parade.

The group said it is requesting the same parade route as June's Boston Pride Parade, as well as the same "accommodations", afforded the annual event, including street closings and the inclusion of vehicles and floats.

Asked about the proposed event, Mayor Walsh was clearly not eager to talk about it, quickly shrugging it off before pivoting to promoting the Gay Pride event.

"If you're wondering, the difference between the Gay Pride Parade and Straight Pride Parade, the Gay Pride Parade will have women at it", he said. In case you don't know why it's problematic, we'll explain: The heterosexual population is not the minority, and they have not been the subject of persecution in the ways that the LGBTQ community has been.

Evans had tweeted, "Wow!"

"Wow! Cool initiative, fellas! Whatta ya think? Too on the nose?", he tweeted.

While his days of wielding the shield are seemingly over, Chris Evans continues to embody the spirit and character of Captain America in his everyday life.

Comedian Eva Victor's humorous video response to straight pride has been viewed more than two million times. Will people have to come out as straight?

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