Progress with Mexico Talks ‘Not Nearly Enough’

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Texas Republicans Turn on Trump over Tariffs: 'It's a Tax. It's Not an Overly Complicated Issue'

After a week of threats, President Donald Trump declared Thursday that now "there is a good chance" the USA will strike a deal with Mexico to avert the tariffs he had scheduled for Monday to force the US ally to stem the flow of Central American migrants into the United States.

"If the illegal migration crisis is alleviated through effective actions taken by Mexico, to be determined in our sole discretion and judgment, the Tariffs will be removed", Trump said in a May 30 statement.

"They have to step up and they have to step up to the plate, and perhaps they will".

Observers say Mexico prefers not to mix issues such as trade and immigration in its dealings with the U.S., but the Trump administration is attempting to push ever increasing responsibility for stopping migrants to its southern neighbour.

The president hesitated when Ingraham pointed out that Mexico was an important United States trade ally.

"We'll see what happens".

Carmakers were pressing Republican politicians in the US Congress to contact the White House to try to convince the president not to move forward with the tariffs, people briefed on the matter told Reuters News Agency.

Pence told reporters the U.S. State Department would lead talks on Thursday, but gave no further details.

According to the Washington Post, they have promised 6,000 new troops on the Mexico-Guatemala border to dissuade immigrants from Central America.

Mr Navarro said Mr Trump wants Mexico to commit to take all asylum seekers and to divert more resources to its own southern border with Guatemala.

Earlier Thursday, Trump acknowledged that talks between the two countries were progressing but remained prepared to roll out tariffs Monday unless Mexico "steps up to the plate".

The unexpected announcement rattled global financial markets and even Trump's fellow Republicans fretted about the potential economic impact on USA businesses and consumers who would have to absorb the costs. Credit ratings agency Fitch downgraded Mexico's sovereign debt rating on Wednesday, citing trade tensions among other risks, while Moody's lowered its outlook to negative.

Talks were to resume Thursday.

Mexico sent delegations of senior officials to Washington to conduct talks with various United States counterparts throughout the week to halt the introduction of tariffs, so without success.

Vice President Mike Pence's Chief of Staff Marc Short, center, speaks to reporters outside the West Wing of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, May 29, 2019.

It's doubtful that Mexico can stem that tide consistently, said James Hollifield, who frequently writes about migration.

Trump's tariffs on Europe, China, and Mexico would cost average Americans four times the benefits they received from his signature tax cut - raising the cost of a range of products Americans buy.

The new Mexican government under President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had resisted United States pressure to control migrants moving across its territory towards the U.S., but in recent weeks has started to restrict visas and deport people back into Guatemala.

Those would target USA products from agricultural and industrial states regarded as Trump's electoral base, a tactic Beijing has also used with an eye toward his re-election bid in the 2020 US presidential election.

But if Trump amends his existing order and Republicans vote to disapprove it, they will be voting to invalidate the entire emergency - terminating not just the tariffs but also his authority to build the border wall.

"I think they want to do something".

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