Adware Hidden in Android Apps Downloaded More Than 440 Million Times

The Google Trips app is being shut down come August 5

It’s the end of the road for Google’s excellent Trips mobile app

Google Trips is having its support cut off in late Summer as Google probably looks to remove the app from the Play Store, confirming that it will be ending support for the app on August 5. The app store has strongly alleged that Google isn't playing fair.

One way the adware hides is by not firing up adverts once an infected app is installed, but rather it waits at least 24 hours after the app is launched before cranking out ads.

Google can't seem to figure out how to stop nefarious developers from offering apps via Google Play that are filled with malware and adware.

Google is adding these features into Search as well so if you don't use Maps as often or if you feel like Search will just be an easier point of entry when it comes to utilizing the things you used to do with Trips, you'll immediately be able to search for things to do at a destination and see your saved places. Unfortunately, it wasn't before the apps were downloaded in aggregate more than 440 million times.

Google has been accused by Aptoide for not letting other Play Store alternatives to be visible on its Store. Although the warning could be easily dismissed, it could have easily dissuaded several users from visiting the alternative app store and downloading apps from the same. Google Maps has your back.

Aptoide alleges Google has damaged its ability to compete by unjustifiably flagging its app as insecure. It even displays out-of-app ads that interfere with interactions with other apps on their device. This resulted in the decline of Aptoide user-base by 15-20% since 2018.

Essentially Google may be using methods that make it harder for Aptoide to gain new users and even retain old users. "It hides Aptoide. User can not see Aptoide icon and can not launch". Users have reported that they were unable to answer calls or interact with other apps due to the persistent and pervasive nature of the ads displayed.

At the heart of the discontent is the margin that both the companies ask from app developers.

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