Pokemon Sword & Shield Channels Godzilla With New Dynamax Mechanic

New Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer reveals a tonne of new features including new Dynamax battle mode

'Pokémon Sword' and 'Shield' come to Nintendo Switch on November 15th

The story of Sword and Shield revolves around becoming the new Pokemon champion of the Galar Region which will involve defeating reigning champion Leon who is undefeated. Alternatively, you'd also be able to use just one of your two purchased vouchers on your preferred Pokémon game, while using the other on a different game that's already available. The first games introduced 151, of course, but every generation since then we've had newcomers - sometimes a handful, sometimes over a hundred.

We got a bunch of details on the wider franchise from the Pokemon Company's 2019 press conference last week - including the announcement of Pokemon Sleep - but Wednesday's stream shifted the focus back to the core game series.

For me though the cooler additions are the new "Wild Area" zones. The new location features contemporary cities, vast plains, snow-covered mountains and Pokemon living and working together alongside humans. In the wild trainers can also team up for co-op raid battles against Dynamax Pokemon, a feature that feels very inspired by Pokemon Go.

Pokémon Sword and Shield release on Nintendo Switch on November 15 worldwide.

Finally, the two main legendary Pokemon for Sword and Shield were revealed today.

There's still a bit of uncertainty around certain areas of the game. Comparisons were drawn nearly immediately between the Legendary wolf Zacian and Dark Souls boss Sif, with viewers commenting live during the stream making a note of the resemblance.

The games, which will also be released as part of a double pack, will be taking place in a new setting known as the Galar Region.

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