Miley Cyrus posts powerful message after man grabs her without her consent

'She can be wearing what she wants.

Miley Cyrus is speaking out on the shocking encounter she had with a fan in Spain over the weekend.

Her tweet - which gained over 100K retweets and nearly 400K likes - garnered a great deal of support from fans.

Former Disney child star Cyrus later shared critical comments to Twitter, which suggested she invited the incident through how she dresses.

A man can be seen reaching out and grabbing the singer by the hair before pulling her in for a kiss against her will.

Yesterday, Miley Cyrus made worldwide headlines after a disturbing video did the 'rounds online of a fan groping her in Barcelona. She can be a virgin. She can be sleeping with five different people.

A source told ET on Monday that the former Disney star was "unsettled" by the incident, but is now "doing fine". She can be naked. "In response, Cyrus hit back stating "Dont F-K With My Freedom" and the hashtag "#stillnotaskingforit". He then wraps his arm around her and pulls her in for a kiss. Liam walked in front of her and appeared unaware until security stepped in and separated Miley from the man.

Cyrus was in Barcelona for the Primavera Sound Festival, which featured performances by the singer and other artists including Cardi B, Solange, Future and Janelle Monae. Cyrus also attached a clip from Inside Edition of a reporter where hosts discussed how her personal space should not have been violated, come what may.

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