Apple Finally Reveals the Long Awaited Mac Pro Refresh

MacBook user expanding their workspace with iPad and Apple Pencil

Apple Announces All-New Mac Pro With 28-core Xeon, 1.5TB RAM And 32-inch 6K Pro XDR Display

The Mac Pro will be priced from $5,999 and it will be available this autumn.

And just as the second generation ditched the original design to more closely resemble a trash can, Apple has switched things up again, this time going for more of a cheese grater kind of look. All of the CPUs that Apple will offer are Xeon W-family chips, but if you don't need that many cores you can opt for chips with 24, 16, 12, or 8 cores. Buyers can also get up to 1.5TB of RAM across the system's 12 DIMM slots.

Behold, the new Mac Pro.

The answer is that even nearly $34,000 barely scratches the surface in terms of specs - if you would want to add in a 28-core Intel Xeon W processor, 1.5TB of RAM 4TB of SSD storage and four AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Dupa GPUs, you can expect the price to go up to around $45,000.

Site highlights each day to your inbox. Rather than entering the enclosure from just one side, which can make it tricky to access components, Apple's new Mac Pro uses a bespoke dual-sided motherboard. There's also a new "Find My" app too that combines Find My Friends and Find My Friends and will disable your laptop if it gets stolen. That's one of the main selling points of the new Mac Pro: modularity.

To see the Mac Pro in your abode, head over to the device's page on Apple's site. And that price will climb considerably as you add more power.

There is now no South African pricing for the Pro Display XDR, but the U.S. dollar price tag for the Pro Stand is equivalent to around R14,400 at the time of writing.

That's all good and well, but far and away the most interesting part of the new Mac Pro is in its expansion slots.

Admittedly, the stand itself is very attractive, sporting a metal aesthetic and magnetically attaching to your Pro Display XDR. Presumably to aid the intense fans and airflow cooling such a beefy 1,400-watt boy, the computer is covered with layers of countless tiny metal holes polished to Apple's typical machined perfection. Meanwhile, the device also incorporates direct LED backlighting with 576 full array local dimming zones and an advanced thermal system, enabling 1,000 nits of sustained full-screen brightness, 1,600 nits of peak brightness, and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio - resulting in advanced HDR capabilities dubbed "XDR" (Extreme Dynamic Range) by Apple.

$999? For a monitor stand?

Apple's voice assistant, Siri, has been available on the Mac for a long time now - several macOS versions at least.

For graphics, the new Mac Pro starts with the Radeon Pro 580X but can be configured with AMD's new Radeon Pro Vega II, which Apple says carries 14 teraflops of compute performance and 32GB of memory with 1TB/s of memory bandwidth.

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