Yes, Apple just killed iTunes

An iPod Classic with the iTunes store homepage

An iPod Classic with the iTunes store homepage

But what's going to happen to all that music you've collected over the years?

It appears for right now, iTunes in Windows will remain unaffected, but there's no clear indication of how long iTunes will continue to be supported on other platforms, now that Apple has chose to kill off the program for its own operating system.

It launched Apple Music in 2015, but the service has failed to overtake Spotify, and now has around half as many users worldwide. He also confirms that the iTunes music store will be available in Catalina's Finder app, as well as Apple Music's sidebar. It is because of iTunes that we now so readily digest music digitally.

Apple's message to developers isn't at all, however, that they can just check a box and have a great Mac app just like that.

The latency of the Apple Pencil has been improved on iPadOS (from 20 milliseconds to nine), and third-party apps can now use new controls.

Performance improvements make the entire system more responsive with faster Face ID unlock, and a new way to package iPad apps on the App Store that reduces download sizes by up to 50 percent, makes app updates up to 60 percent smaller, and results in apps launching up to twice as fast.

On top of that, the app will contain Apple's original streaming service, Apple TV Plus, once it becomes available this fall.

Apple will replace iTunes with Music, Podcasts, and TV on Mac. But given how Apple plans to handle your music library, it will likely do the same with visual content. That will be a boon for gamers who already own the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and don't want to buy another controller for Apple Arcade. The iPad app in question also needs to be built around features and capabilities that are available on the Mac, so ARKit apps for example are not now good candidates for Catalyst. It's usually easy to find the big highlights of an Apple keynote to make it easily digestible to average viewers.

Now, there will be a standalone Podcasts app on the Mac that should work the same as the one on your phone.

iPadOS tightens up the app grid and also allows you to pin widgets on the home screen, as you would on an Android device.

While some details are still fuzzy and will remain that way until we start digging into the beta releases, we got some broad answers from Apple on those top-level questions. Instead, you will be presented with an interface very similar to the one you're used to in iTunes, with many (if not all) of the same features.

Since iTunes has been excluded from macOS Catalina and chopped down into separate apps, you must be wondering how you'll sync your iPhones. Seriously - Apple even did a demo of this onstage at WWDC to prove it.

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