Apple Announces New Mac Pro, 6K Display

James Martin  CNET

James Martin CNET

Again, this is a computer for audio-video professionals. It looks a lot like the original version of the Mac Pro from over a decade ago that was widely praised. You'll need to spring for a screen to use the Mac Pro.

Check out the stainless steel legs that keep the Mac Pro raised off surfaces. A lattice pattern maximizes airflow and ensures quiet operation. Abandoning the smooth cylinder look of its maligned predecessor, the new Mac Pro looks more like a typical tower full of slots giving users the flexibility they need to fill the machine with up-to-date components as tech improves. Apple says the card can allow you to play back twelve raw 4K video streams simultaneously.

It's been nearly eight years since we saw the release of a new Mac Pro design, and this year's announcement of the third-generation Mac Pro at WWDC 2019 was definitely meant to be exciting. You will be rendered the same experience that you've seen on mobile, where your music catalog will be synced with Apple Music on the Mac.

The Mac Pro 2019 can be configured with a 28-core Intel Xeon processor which has a TDP of 300W and a heavy-duty cooling system. The device is configurable with up to 1.5TB of system memory.

Two MPX modules with dual Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs can be connected to have the power of four in a single workstation. In terms of graphical abilities, the system can be packed with AMD's Radeon Pro Vega 2 or Radeon Pro Vega 2 Duo, and if the latter is doubled, you effectively get four GPUs with a total of 128GB worth of graphics memory. One PCIe slot is reserved for a card featuring two USB-A ports and two Thunderbolt 3 ports. It is called the Pro Display XDR.

And even if the holes don't freak you out, the new Mac Pro just looks kind of off.

The Pro Display XDR is a 32-inch LCD panel with 6016 x 3384 Retina 6k display, featuring more than 20 million pixels. Capping things off, the Pro XDR supports true 10-bit color, good for producing more than a billion colors. The display also features an extra-wide, accurate viewing angle with an anti-reflective coating. The display also features a 1 million to 1 contrast ratio. All told, a Mac Pro using a pair of Radeon Pro Vega II Duo cards can apparently provide some 112.8 TFLOPS/sec of half-precision compute.

The display is VESA-mountable.

The monitors can also be rotated so that they can displayed in portrait as opposed to landscape. It will all be available in the fall. The standard glass configuration will cost $4,999, and the nano-etched model is $5,999.

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