Liberal Democrats top General Election poll beating Brexit Party

REFERENDUM Ms Abbott is pushing for a second vote

REFERENDUM Ms Abbott is pushing for a second vote

The deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, will stand to replace Vince Cable as the head of her party, she has announced.

Labour grandee Alastair Campbell was actually expelled from his party after he confessed to voting Lib Dem.

However, as the European elections have shown, fresh United Kingdom general elections would spell doom for both the Conservatives and Labour unless they moved to harder stances on either side of the spectrum.

It has been four years of rebuilding for the Lib Dems as they joined a hideously unpopular coalition with the Tories in 2010.

"Unless the Labour Party adopts a credible, coherent position, commits to a People's Vote and campaigns on it, then they will be complicit in my view in helping Boris Johnson become prime minister. and crash out with no deal", he said.

YouGov's Chris Curtis cautioned against the Lib Dems getting too carried away with the bounce they have enjoyed since the European elections.

Using Labour's "for the many not the few" slogan, Mr Campbell said Mr Corbyn needs to listen to why his party had been "virtually annihilated" in last week's election.

He said: "The results of my Brexit poll are clear".

If approved, humble addresses are considered to be binding on the House.

The latest salvo came after Cherie Blair made it known she also did not vote Labour in the poll last week, and is instead thought to have supported the pro-EU Lib Dems.

There is a danger of a no-deal Brexit and Britain's main opposition Labour Party will do everything it can to stop that from happening, its leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Thursday.

But in a sign that he would be prepared to work with Tory moderates to prevent a no-deal Brexit, possibly by tabling a confidence motion to bring down the Government, Mr Corbyn said he would do "whatever is necessary".

Campbell, who was expelled from the party for voting for the Liberal Democrats in the European Union elections, wouldn't be drawn on when he would be voting Labour again, but said he had wanted to.

Tony Blair's former spin doctor Campbell, who is appealing against his expulsion from the party, has said there was "no justification" for the decision.

YouGov surveyed 1,736 British adults on May 28-29.

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