Video Game Addiction Is Officially Classified As A Mental Disorder

Gaming Addiction Will Be Classified as Disease By WHO in 2022

Video Game Addiction Is Officially Classified As A Mental Disorder

"We express our deepest regret that the ICD-11 reverses this trend in relation to people born with variations of sex characteristics - intersex people", a joint statement of 65 worldwide intersex groups reads.

Playing video games for hours is not always a disorder and could be just a hobby also.

Almost anywhere you go, it's easy to find children and adults alike transfixed by their phones, and while texting and social media certainly claim a big part of that attention, increasingly it's gaming that's drawing us in. However, the majority of video game players see no harm done to their lives even in situations where gaming is their preferred form of entertainment.

Back in December of 2018, the World Health Organization was considering adding "gaming disorder" to its list of recognized illnesses, and now the organization officially has chose to go on ahead with the move.

Meanwhile, a December 2018 report by the nation's top researchers from Seoul National University asserting that the adoption of gaming disorder will incur roughly 10 trillion won ($8.5 billion) loss by 2025 is gaining fresh recognition by local media.

The World Health Assembly, WHO's main annual meeting which wraps up on Tuesday, approved at the weekend the latest catalogue of diseases and injuries, collectively known as the ICD-11.

Gaming disorder can impair personal, family, social, educational and/or occupational functioning.

Burnout - a response to prolonged stress at work that typically involves emotional exhaustion, detachment and feeling ineffective - has been classified as an official medical diagnosis by the World Health Organisation.

Apart from the two, the updated list has also removed transgenderism from its list of mental disorders, and instead listed it under "conditions related to sexual health".

The 11th and newest version of the ICD will come into effect in 2022. So there is still time for the gaming community to make its case to get them to not go through with the decision.

"The WHO is an esteemed organization and its guidance needs to be based on regular, inclusive, and transparent reviews backed by independent experts", their statement reads.

According to Walker the next conversation should be with a medical professional to help confirm a diagnosis and determine how to treat the symptoms.

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