Iran's foreign minister says no prospect of negotiations with US

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif speaks during the Valdai Discussion Club titled ''Russia in the Middle East Playing on All Fields'' in Moscow Russia on 19 February 2018

Iran's foreign minister says no prospect of negotiations with US

At the same time, Trump confirmed the US' readiness to sit down with Iran, stressing that "I do believe that Iran would like to talk, and if they'd like to talk, we'd like to talk also".

"It has a chance to be a great country with the same leadership", Trump said. I just want to make that clear. However, Israel, the USA and other countries have maintained that Tehran sought to develop nuclear weapons well beyond that period.

"Actions, not words, will show whether or not that's Donald Trump's intent", Mr Zarif said on Twitter.

Zarif also denied Iran was seeking nuclear weapons, after Trump said during a visit to Japan that "we're not looking for regime change (in Iran)... we're looking for no nuclear weapons".

Washington says the latest reinforcements are in response to a "campaign" of recent attacks including a rocket launched into the Green Zone in Baghdad, explosive devices that damaged four tankers near the entrance to the Gulf, and drone strikes by Yemeni rebels on a key Saudi oil pipeline.

"We'll be going to the moon, we'll be going to Mars very, very soon".

In Japan on Monday, Trump said he'd back Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's efforts to open a communication with Iran.

Sanders, said, "If you think the war in Iraq was a disaster, my strong belief is a war with Iran would be much worse..."

Tehran insists that it will not hold direct talks with the USA government anytime soon despite Trump saying Washington would "like to talk" if Iran was ready.

During a press conference, Trump announced his ambitious plans for the US space program, which includes a new partnership with Japan.

Washington withdrew past year from a 2015 worldwide nuclear deal with Tehran, and is ratcheting up sanctions in efforts to strangle Iran's economy by ending its global sales of crude oil.

Despite Tehran's intransigent attitude, the Wall Street Journal noted on Monday that options for the theocracy are narrowing because most potential buyers for its oil have been driven away by USA sanctions, including buyers such as China, India, and Turkey that the Iranians were heavily counting on to provide relief from American pressure.

Iran earlier this month rolled back parts of its commitments under the nuclear deal and gave an ultimatum to the remaining world powers involved if they did not provide sanctions relief.

He went through some of Trump's past comments about Kim Jong Un before concluding, "It is plain to see President Trump telling us all that whatever it may mean to the country he was elected to govern, he measures success by the number of people showering him with adulation".

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