Key quotes as Brexit Party tops UK's European election results

Key quotes as Brexit Party tops UK's European election results

Key quotes as Brexit Party tops UK's European election results

He said his party - which now has no members and no policies apart from leaving the European Union - would "stun everybody" in the next British general election if the country didn't leave the European Union on time.

Indeed, building on its 62 percent "remain" vote in the 2016 Brexit referendum - which saw the majority "leave" votes in England and Wales propel the United Kingdom as a whole towards the European exit door - Scotland threw the bulk of its votes behind the EU-supporting SNP.

The Brexit Party, which came second across Scotland, are on course to secure one MEP, as are the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

The Lib Dems got 15,412 votes nearly 3,000 more than the Brexit Party (12,421) in second place.

"It was shocking for the Labour Party, but worse for the Conservative Party", said Matthew Cole, lecturer in history at Birmingham University. The Conservatives - apparently blamed by voters for failing to deliver Brexit in March as planned - were in fifth with under 10% of the vote. "This election has given us a sense of the way public opinion is polarizing".

The ex-Strictly and Celebrity Big Brother star, who was Maidstone and the Weald MP from 1987 to 2010, said after her victory she will stand for Parliament if there is no resolution on Brexit by the new deadline of October 31.

Nigel Farage's single-issue Brexit Party was the clear victor of the elections, with the potential to have an impact on the race over who becomes the next British prime minister.

The Ulster Unionist Party was ousted by the cross-community pro-Remain Alliance Party, with leader Naomi Long left speechless by a best ever performance that was "beyond expectations".

"It was telling that the combination of all pro-Remain parties in Guildford shows an incredible 55% of the vote compared to 30% for pro-Brexit parties". "I just want someone to get on with it now".

In a separate BBC interview, Ms Sturgeon said she would bring forward legislation later this week at Holyrood paving the way for a second independence vote.

He said: "Following the disastrous European Union election results, Labour urgently needs to re-think its Brexit position and realign with members and voters".

However, it is also worth noting the swell of support for anti-Brexit parties. Overall, support for all the parties that are unabashedly pro-European was slightly higher than those that are pushing for a hard Brexit.

Four of those are members of The Brexit Party, three are Lib Dem, and one each Green Party, Conservative and Labour. The party's strategy has thus far been to try to appease all sides. I thank everyone who voted for the Liberal Democrats and every Remain party locally. "I wanted to hear someone sticking up for the significant chunk of people who do not want to pursue this madness, and that was only coming from the smaller parties".

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry and deputy Labour leader Tom Watson both called for a more strident position from the party on the issue of a second referendum.

"The priority at the moment, I think, is for this Government to call for a general election and actually have a general election so we can decide the future", Mr Corbyn told reporters. "They can not sit on the fence any longer".

The U.K.'s governing Conservative Party was all but wiped out in the election to send lawmakers to Brussels, blamed by angry voters for leading Britain into a political impasse and failing to lead it out of the EU.

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