Next Call of Duty isn't called MW4, just Modern Warfare

Next Call of Duty isn't called MW4, just Modern Warfare

Next Call of Duty isn't called MW4, just Modern Warfare

As Schreier says, it's a weird turn of events that the first game in the Modern Warfare series was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but the fourth will be called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Anyone who has played PUBG Mobile to an extent that they have become used to the visuals presented in the game will be in for a surprise.

It does share some similarities with Blackout, but it stands alone with its own unique elements as well, Activision said. No numerical suffix, no flashy twist on the title like "Infinite Warfare" or whatever; it's just plain old Modern Warfare.

Vehicles are supported, including ATV, Light Helicopter, SUV, and Tactical Raft. Like clockwork, it's your annual Call of Duty leak. Also has the augmented sight to see vehicles, hostile traps and other equipment.

Scout - Uses a Sensor Dart that can see enemy positions within the vicinity and can see other players' footprints.

Ninja - Equipped with a Grapple Gun, this class can climb up buildings or move across areas quickly and silently. Movement is quiet too, due to this class having the Dead Silence ability. When playing in teams, players able to revive teammates by retrieving dog tags from teammates which means players are not completely out once they're dead. It takes some time, and it must be completed fully before a player gets respawned via a cargo plane drop.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is in development for unspecified platforms.

Well the Call of Duty Mobile beta version of the game went live last week and since then quite a few people have tried it out, and so have we.

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