Iranian President Seeking Wartime Powers To Deal With 'Economic War'

Iranian President Seeking Wartime Powers To Deal With 'Economic War'

Iranian President Seeking Wartime Powers To Deal With 'Economic War'

Top security officials -including acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, Secretary of State MikePompeo and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Joseph Dunford - will appearbefore the House of Representatives and the Senate on Tuesday.

Through these measures, he claimed, "we have put on hold the potential for attacks on Americans and that's what's extremely important".

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is expected to visit Islamabad later this week for consultations with the Pakistani leadership, a senior diplomatic source said on Tuesday. "Stand firm Mr. President".

In February, as a Middle East meeting hosted by the Poles and orchestrated by the Trump administration kicked off, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted an ominous tweet, saying that the gathering was to "advance the common interest of war with Iran".

In comments in a gathering of Iranian clerics in Tehran on Monday evening, Rouhani said despite being an advocate of diplomacy, he is strongly opposed to any negotiations with the US.

Democrats are particularly concerned the Trump administration may try to rely on almost 20-year-old war authorizations rather than seek fresh approval from Congress for any action. "It's not for a president to, by a series of provocations, blunder us down the path where war becomes inevitable". "But you do have situations like Iran, you can't let them have nuclear weapons - you just can't let that happen". The Pentagon has already sent bombers to the region. Enriching uranium means concentrating the element's radioactive component.

Nuclear weapons grade uranium is enriched to over 90 percent.

However, the long-awaited mechanism is yet to become operational, despite Iran's call on the Europeans to fulfill their obligations to the deal.

The sanctions had been re-imposed on Iran by the USA as a result of its withdrawal from the 2015 Nuclear Deal, in 2018.

Trump pulled out of the nuclear agreement deal one year ago. This is not the way serious countries deal with each other. But Trump's decision to abandon the 2015 nuclear deal has helped ensure that Iranians have felt little or no economic benefit from Rouhani's policies.

Trump's moves have helped set the stage for the current increased tensions between the United States and Iran.

Saudi Arabia has, meanwhile, also scheduled an emergency summit of the Arab League.

This month, officials in the United Arab Emirates also alleged that four oil tankers were sabotaged; Iran-backed rebels launched a drone attack on an oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia; and U.S. diplomats relayed a warning that commercial airlines could be misidentified by Iran and attacked, an idea dismissed by Tehran.

Several tankers in the Gulf, including two Saudi vessels, were reportedly sabotaged as well.

"All we want to do is sell our oil", Zarif said, adding that the United States was "just a bully preventing people from buying our oil".

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