More congressional Democrats call for impeachment inquiry

White House counsel Don McGahn listens as he attends a confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington

More congressional Democrats call for impeachment inquiry

The House Oversight Committee claims sweeping investigative power and says it needs Trump's financial records to examine whether he has conflicts of interest or broke the law by not disentangling himself from his business holdings, as previous presidents did.

The subpoenas seek testimony and documents in connection with the committee's probe of whether the president obstructed Mueller's inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 us election and contacts between Trump's campaign team and Moscow.

Pelosi scheduled Wednesday's meeting with lawmakers from the Judiciary and Oversight committees after some members confronted her during a meeting among top Democrats Monday evening. That should be interesting.

If the House did impeach the President, the charges would then be heard by the Republican-led Senate, leading some Democrats to view the process as not only divisive but impractical.

"And I said let's have the meeting on infrastructure, we'll get that done easily". While lengthy litigation on the matter of Trump's financial records is to be expected, the outcome will have far-reaching implications for similar instances in which the House is seeking other records from Trump and members of his cabinet.

"Mr McGahn is a critical witness to numerous alleged instances of obstruction of justice and other misconduct described in the Mueller report", Mr Nadler said last month.

CNBC reported it was supposed to be the second "official sit-down" for the president and Democrat leaders in the U.S. House that focused on repairing roads, bridges and airports. "He just took a pass".

Democrats said they'll exhaust all options to enforce a subpoena compelling former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify following his decision to skip Tuesday's House Judiciary Committee hearing. "And we believe that the president of the United States is engaged in a cover-up", Pelosi told reporters after a morning meeting of House of Representatives Democrats.

With the results finding no collusion and no finding of obstruction, Democrats were left gasping for words to use against the president. Sherrod Brown and Ron Wyden that could address some Democratic concerns has been shared with House staff.

Congress has the broad authority to investigate matters related to possible legislation, but that doesn't mean that its powers are limited to probes that involve contemplated bills, Ramos said. The subpoena is being fought in a NY court by Mr. Trump, his family and the Trump Organization in federal court in NY. "But I don't think that the caucus as a whole is there yet".

Jeffries advocated to "hold the President and the administration accountable", calling for special counsel Robert Mueller to publicly testify before Congress and for the House to hold Attorney General William Barr, who declined to testify before the Judiciary committee, in contempt. And that makes his silence all the more infuriating for Democrats.

Nevertheless, Pelosi appears to have quieted the "impeachment now!" mini-revolt that appeared in her caucus over the last couple of weeks.

Also this week, a federal judge ruled that Mr Trump could not block a subpoena ordering his accounting firm to turn over his financial records to Congress. "The argument that impeachment may not be good for [the Democratic Party] politically is a strong one". "We will not allow the president to stop this investigation, and nothing in these unjustified and unjustifiable legal attacks will stop us from pressing forward with our work on behalf of the American people".

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