Taco Bell is Opening an Insane "Taco-Inspired" Pop-Up Hotel

Getty Images  Justin Sullivan

Getty Images Justin Sullivan

Taco Bell is taking over a hotel in Palm Springs, for three nights this August.

If you live and die by Taco Bell, this is the news for you. There are plenty of fanatics that need their fix of the Bell every week and for those taco junkies, your favourite hotel is about to open. Taco-themed nail art and fades at the salon.

The hotel is the latest push by Taco Bell to try to differentiate itself from other fast feeders beyond offering limited-time items such as Nacho Fries, which were promoted with movie trailer-inspired campaigns.

The company did not say how long The Bell would be open, only that it would be for "a limited time".

As visitors post photos of their stay on social media, they increase Taco Bell's presence among their followers.

Another Taco Bell is coming to Champaign-Urbana, this one near campus. Just don't tell the kids you're going to Taco Bell for a week, because this natural evolution of the Taco Bell brand is only meant for superfans over the age of 18.

The hotel and resort will also reportedly feature a "not-to-miss gift shop", which will offer exclusive apparel.

Previous Taco Bell publicity stunts have included a contest to be married at the Taco Bell Cantina chapel in Las Vegas and penning a letter encouraging customers to end "calendar inequality" due to Taco Tuesday traditions, according to Marketing Dive. We're not talking about the people who occasionally hit the drive-thru for a taco or chalupa, and have helped the chain retain its spot as the No. 4 restaurant in the United States.

Taco Bell will start taking reservations for the hotel next month.

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