Face Off Against Fellow Bounty Hunters in Fortnite’s John Wick Tie-in Event

IMG Lucas7Yoshi

IMG Lucas7Yoshi

The world-famous hitman has come to Fortnite. This fits nicely with the overall plot of John Wick 3, which sees the character fighting for his life thanks to a bounty that has been placed on his head. The John Wick event is live in Fortnite!

The event was announced with a moody and self-referential trailer.

You can score some exclusive John Wick-themed items to use in-game from the mode. In addition, an elimination also bags you the number of gold coins your victim has amassed, so taking out a dominating player can be worth a huge amount. However, one of the most anticipated collaborations is the widely rumored John Wick cross over. Like a scene straight out of a John Wick movie, you'll have to take out your fellow bounty hunters.

Completing challenges in Wick's Bounty will earn you a giant gold token you can strap to your back for some reason, a one-shot glider that looks like a brolly, a Boogeyman wrap and some bonus XP.

Furthermore, another leaker has also stated that another John Wick character will be coming during this supposed event. Players who have no V-Bucks stored to buy the set will get the best value by purchasing the $25 pack that comes with 2,800 V-Bucks.

Fortnite has released the second set of duo competitors for the Celebrity Pro-Am including names like CourageJD, Timthetatman, and more. It also makes double sense since an obviously John Wick inspired skin called "The Reaper" was released in season three, so it's not even the first time the two properties have crossed over.

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