‘Game Of Thrones’ Series Finale Synopsis: How Will The Show End?

‘Game Of Thrones’ Series Finale Synopsis: How Will The Show End?

‘Game Of Thrones’ Series Finale Synopsis: How Will The Show End?

"The Bells", the fifth episode of Thrones' six-episode final season, has become the highest-rated episode in the show's history.

GoT mum Channy, whose daughter Khgaleesi is 11 months old, told Buzzfeed the episode "intense" but not upsetting, adding: 'She's going for what she wants'.

The most recent episode of Game Of Thrones had an overriding theme of destruction, as Daenerys Targaryen blitzed the entirety of King's Landing with the help of Drogon, her last remaining dragon.

But 'I definitely don't like the outcome of what she represents, ' she said.

'The name is unique and I also wanted her to be like Khaleesi, ' she said.

For huge swaths of the episode, Daenerys rides over the city on her last-remaining dragon as the creature turns the Iron Fleet and almost the entire city to ashes, killing soldiers and commoners alike. I think the important thing is that Jaime had a chance at freedom [with Brienne] and finally liberated himself from Cersei, which I think the audience will be thrilled about.

In fact, Headey said she found closure in Cersei and Jaime's moment together before the Red Keep tumbles. In total, more than 3,500 children have been named after her since the show began. While Cersei assumed this would be Tyrion (and made her hatred toward him even more threatening), eagle-eyed fans pointed out that her lover and twin brother Jaime was actually born just seconds before Cersei. Topping Sunday night on cable and broadcast, that 12.5 million is also the best any HBO show has done - ever. Instead, she could escape King's Landing and go on living her life elsewhere. Foreshadowing is not the same thing as character growth, and Daenerys's sudden switch from Lady Who Gets Brutal Vengeance On Her Enemies to Actual Genocidal Maniac was tough to buy. Emilia Clarke herself was on board to chat about her character's divisive actions as well, noting that Dany had been feeling quite alone in the moment, making her triumph ultimately feel sort of hollow.

Game of Thrones writers have explained the latest plot arc in the penultimate episode of the hit television show as viewers around the world prepare for the final episode to be aired next week.

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