"Arthur" Character Mr. Ratburn Comes Out As Gay & Gets Married

Mr. Ratburn and his husband get married and become the superheroes we need in Arthur

"Arthur" Character Mr. Ratburn Comes Out As Gay & Gets Married

The groom in question was a man named Patrick and owned a chocolate shop in the fictional town. The longstanding series, which is now enjoying its twenty-second season on PBS, has been making waves across social media over a recent episode. In the episode, the titular aardvark discovers that his well-read teacher is engaged, firstly shocking Arthur and his fellow students that their educators actually have personal lives.

For anyone who missed it, Mr. Ratburn married his male partner on the most recent episode of #Arthur.

The season premiere, an episode titled "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone / The Feud", sees Arthur and his school pals trying to break up their teacher and a pushy woman they assume to be his fiancé.

The outlet reported that a 2005 episode of a related PBS show featured another gay character.

While one Twitter user asked why no-one was talking about the fact Patty was also "clearly" gay. Good for him! The episode quickly gained traction online among grown "Arthur" fans, eliciting two major reactions: First, who among the non-parents knew PBS was still airing new episodes?

The first surprise is that Patty is his sister, and the second, when he walks down the aisle, is that he's with his groom.

Praise poured in for the show with even GLAAD, which handles LGBTQ representation in the media, tweeting out its support for the episode.

The word "gay" is never spoken.

Believe it or not, the animated kid's series Arthur is still going strong on the air.

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