Mystery over three bodies found shot by crossbow in hotel room

Wittlingen northern Germany

Mystery over three bodies found shot by crossbow in hotel room

German police said on Monday they had found the corpses of two women in an apartment belonging to one of three people found dead, pierced by crossbow bolts, on Saturday in a guesthouse in the southern city of Passau. The man and the older woman are from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in southwestern Germany, while the younger woman was last registered as living in Wittingen in Lower Saxony, in the north of the country.

Hotel staff in Passau had on Saturday discovered the three dead Germans in their room around noon alongside two crossbows.

"In the bodies of the dead were arrows, which are probably related to the found crossbows".

Police in Bavaria added that they are now carrying out autopsies on the bodies, and that they have seized a white Renault pick-up which the victims drove to the hotel in. A 53-year-old man and 33-year-old woman were found in one of the beds, holding hands, "impaled with several arrows", according to BBC News. The man and 33-year-old woman were found lying together in bed, while the younger woman was found lying on the floor.

Police have seized the crossbows as evidence.

A police statement said: 'At present, the reasons for the death of the three people are still completely open. Police said Monday they had found a third, unused crossbow inside a bag.

One of the women had booked the triple room for 85 euros a night, without breakfast, for three nights.

The group left an impression on other guests, with the man wearing a formal suit and sporting a long white beard and his female companions dressed entirely in black.

The police spokesman Stefan Gaisbauer said there were no indications that anyone other than those found dead had been involved, but it was not yet clear what had happened.

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