Film star Doris Day dies aged 97

Actress Doris Day is seen in a screen shot from the film

Legendary Actress Singer Doris Day Dies at 97 Actress Doris Day is seen in a screen shot from the film"Pillow Talk

As the 1960s became more filled with experimental and alternative filmmaking styles, Doris Day's star began to dim.

Dressing to match her megawatt personality led to many colourful looks, as Day became a master of pairing colours.

After her retirement, Day enjoyed a quiet life out of the spotlight at her home in Carmel Valley, CA. In an emailed statement, the foundation said that Day had recently contracted pneumonia, "resulting in her death".

Day was born Doris von Kappelhoff on April 3, 1922, in Cincinnati and headed to California at age 14 to be a dancer.

She later became well known for a appearing in a number of successful musicals and comedies, including Pillow Talk, where she starred with Rock Hudson, Move Over, Darling, with James Garner, and Alfred Hitchcock's The Man You Knew Too Much.

This isn't an attempt at a standard obituary.

An emblem of 50's glamour and pre-Swinging Sixties innocence, Doris Day's perfectly coiffed hair and radiant smile charmed the hearts of millions in her decades-long career. She also said in the book, written with A.E. Hotchner, "I have never found in a human being loyalty comparable to that of any pet".

Written mainly with Bruce Johnston and her son Terry Melcher, the pieces were meant to serve as background music for segments on her Doris Day's Best Friends TV show in the mid-1980s. They transcended their performances, becoming people who represented America at its best. The running joke, attributed to both Groucho Marx and actor-composer Oscar Levant, was that they had known Day "before she was a virgin". After a near-fatal vehicle crash that ended her hopes for a career as a dancer, she made the switch to singing.

She retired when the show ended, making it her last film or television role. "I don't think anybody would have believed me if I had been cast in the role of the mistress whore Mildred in 'Of Human Bondage'". She had her struggles in life, but even then demonstrated her kindness and compassion. She was a lifelong animal lover and an advocate for animal welfare. Day was always appealing, and always appealed to our better natures.

Doris's mother, Alma, arranged for her to have lessons with singing teacher Grace Raine, who was so impressed that she gave her three sessions a week for the price of one. She also had a hit in 1956 with Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be).

Paul McCartney, a friend, called Day "a true star in more ways than one". It's one of my favorite songs, covered by many artists, including a terrific version by Mama Cass.

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