It seems winning the UEFA Champions League is hard

Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp has reached his third Champions League final losing his previous two with Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool

In the last 17 years of the Europa League/UEFA Cup only Chelsea (2013 with Rafa Benitez) and Man Utd (2017) have won it.

Champions League clubs share £1.73bn across the tournament, while clubs that don't make it past the qualifying stage split a sum of £4.3m.

Zinedine Zidane has admitted that La Liga is the most important trophy next season for him and that's fair, but even though the league is an accumulation of how a club does over the course of the season in comparison to other clubs, the UEFA Champions League is always going to be the most hard one to win.

Ajax have had a great run, but if they don't win the Dutch title they will enter next season's competition in the second qualifying round in July.

They also say hotel rooms are more than £1,000 a night, with stories of room bookings being cancelled and resold at vastly inflated rates.

"You can not be measured by the table, we measure ourselves by how we have done things, how we have improved and how we wanted to do things", he said. It's like one that game is decisive for the rest of the championship.

Unlike most of their European counterparts, the Premier League shares television revenue in such a way that the middle to lower ranked teams are also able to bring in quality from overseas or retain their own players more easily. The possibilities for the future are endless.

On Wednesday night, Tottenham Hotspur replicated their Premier League rivals and scored a final minute goal to overturn another three-goal deficit to beat Ajax.

Klopp has beaten Pochettino four times in nine previous meetings with the latter winning just once.

Chris Wilder will join the Premier League party next season after leading Sheffield United to promotion - his third in four seasons (including Northampton). They are heading to Madrid to face Liverpool, but that comes later.

A bit of variety is a great thing though in the decade prior to this season, over half the total slots available in the semi-finals had been taken up by Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

The proud father explained: "I'm very happy with what my son did with Tottenham, we still don't believe it. Lucas believed in it like the rest of them, we were glued to the TV at home, and I can't explain this moment in words".

Frank Rejwan, Managing Director at Travel Republic, said: "For the next three weeks there will be little respite from gloating Spurs and Liverpool fans at work, in the pub and every time people turn on the radio or open a paper".

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