Stephen A. Smith: Klay Thompson Isn't Happy, Tired Of Getting "The Crumbs"

New York Knicks: Kevin Durant rumor roundup as of May 6

Woj Gives His Team To Watch If Warriors Don’t Offer Klay Thompson Max Deal

The Bay Area franchise's management is hoping to focus on that rather than thinking about the impending free agency of two of their biggest stars.

During Golden State's Game 4 loss in the Western Conference Semifinals on Monday night, fans in Houston had fun at Durant's expense, yelling "New York Knicks" at the potential free agent-to-be at various points throughout the contest.

That team would be a fascinating collection of youth with major pedigree (Knox, Smith Jr.), a phenom (Williamson) and two big-ticket items (Durant, Irving) that have Hall-of-Fame resumes but would enter NY with major pressure on them. The other interested teams can only offer him a four-year deal worth $164 million and it is a fact that he can continue to challenge for National Basketball Association championships if he remains in the Bay Area.

This is the part where we tell you to not look at the surface of the current Knicks roster and look deep into the team's front office, where one free agent prize could validate the unabashed love Vegas is showing them - Kevin Durant.

The New York Knicks are back in the championship mix heading into a summer that could shake up the National Basketball Association.

However, Butler's shooting ability could complement James and they are also likely to make another play to trade for Anthony Davis in the summer after they failed before the February trade deadline. For one, there's no team out there that will have more information than Golden State when it comes to Thompson. What the team is able to accomplish this summer will dictate if the team is able to contend in the coming years or if the building over the last years is for nothing. The case against is Durant can go wherever he wants including staying put with the Warriors.

Plus, when the team has needed him most, he's been relatively average.

Stephen Curry has already secured his max contract and Thompson has every right to get his as well. The end of the Golden State Warriors as we know them is near.

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