Sandra Bland recorded cop's threat during own arrest before her death

Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland is seen in this undated police

Three days later, she was found dead in the Waller County Jail.

Cellphone video recorded by Sandra Bland, a woman found dead in a Texas jail following a confrontational 2015 traffic stop, shows for the first time her perspective as a state trooper draws his stun gun and points it at close range while ordering her out of her vehicle.

Bland, who was found to have committed suicide three days after the July 2015 arrest in Waller County, is heard asking a state trooper why she is being apprehended as he orders her out of her auto.

Bland gets out of the auto and continues to record Encinia as he orders her onto the sidewalk. The video from 2015 went viral and showed the cop violently threatening Bland with his Taser: "I will light you up!".

Encinia then orders Bland to put down her phone, prompting her to say she has the right to record what is happening.

"I don't have to step out of my auto", Bland said. Bland responds that "I have a right to record" before apparently acceding to his demands and turning off the cellphone.

A previously unpublished 39-second video of the arrest, which was recorded by Bland on her cell phone, was obtained by the Investigative Network.

The world was shaken in 2015 by the tragic death of Sandra Bland, a black woman who was found dead in a Waller County, Texas jail days after she was arrested during a confrontational traffic stop. Democratic state Rep. Garnet Coleman, who in 2017 sponsored the "Sandra Bland Act" that Bland's family criticized for being weakened before it was signed into law, said Monday night he would look into why the family never saw the footage. "He sees the phone in her hand - in fact, he tells her to put it down".

However, the footage Bland captured makes it glaringly clear that she didn't reach for anything in the vehicle during their encounter, as she was using her hands to hold her phone to tape Encinia.

The emergence of the cellphone video raised questions about who had seen it until now.

"Open up the case, period", Shante Needham, Bland's sister, tells Brian Collister of the Investigative Network, also stating that they believe the video was purposefully withheld by Texas DPS officials because "they have an extremely, extremely good cover-up system".

The camera pans more in Encinia's direction in time to show him drawing his Taser and pointing it directly at Bland.

At the time of the agreement, Encinia had already been fired by the Texas state police for his role in the Bland incident.

"The video makes it abundantly clear there was nothing she was doing in that vehicle that put him at risk at all".

"He sees exactly what's in her hand", Lambert said of the cellphone recording.

Now, after seeing the footage for the first time, the family is calling for is calling for a re-opening of the criminal investigation into Bland's arrest and death.

This story has been corrected to show that the spelling of the Texas Department of Public Safety spokeswoman's last name is Cesinger, not Cesigner. Newly released cellphone video of the encounter casts further doubt on that already implausible claim. "As Chair of the House Committee on County Affairs that looked into the death of Sandra Bland, I will make sure that the Committee will also look into how this happened".

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