Mike Pence: Joe Biden 'Advocating A Socialist Agenda'

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden disagree on a central issue Is removing Trump enough

Theresa May wanted Biden to reassure her US-UK 'special relationship' holds

One of the most curious sections of the website, whose creator is unnamed, is dedicated to Biden's past "legislative accomplishments" that stirred controversy for being, in essence, anti-Democratic acts at some point in the past - including his endorsement for the Marriage Act, which prevented states from recognising same sex marriages. "Joe voted for the deregulation of Wall Street, I voted against that", the senator recounted, after first noting that he considers Biden "a good friend" and was not there to "attack him". "You know, I think if you look at Joe's record and you look at my record, I don't think there's much question about who's more progressive".

'There's so many nicknames I'm inclined to give this guy, ' he said to laughter in the room.

Last month, Sen. Bernie Sanders started a national debate over voting rights for prison inmates after stating that he believes all Americans should be able to vote, even those now incarcerated. She's a good candidate. "We'll let the voters sort it out". He did, however, share his view that the process needed reform. A Real Clear Politics tracking graph, which shows the increasing and decreasing polling averages for the 2020 Democratic competitors, shows a marked divergence between the two candidates beginning around April 26, 2018.

Biden was traveling through SC for a two-day campaign.

On "This Week", Sanders drew the connection between his 2016 platform and the goals now being pursued in Washington.

"The only thing he doesn't know how to respond to is issues and specifics". 'You can just start with clown'. His claim, whether true or not, could prove awkward for the PM, who is due to welcome Mr Trump to London next month during a state visit.

"It was working, the president has just now cut all that money", he said. He accused nearly every other Democratic contender of stealing Medicare-for-All and other "socialist" platform ideas from Sanders' 2016 campaign.

'And I think we need to bring the country together. "It would be silly to make that statement right now".

A supporter in the room asked Biden how he would respond to Trump's often insulting language, saying, "I want you to fight back; once he throws a nickname at you, you gotta throw a nickname back".

Warren also criticized Trump for maintaining his alignment with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un even after Pyongyang launched short-range projectiles off its coast.

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