Graham Now Says Mueller Should Testify - But On One Specific Topic

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US Attorney-General lied to Congress, says Nancy Pelosi as pressure mounts over Mueller report on Donald Trump

The House Judiciary Committee threatened Friday to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress if he does not comply with a new Monday deadline for providing special counsel Robert Mueller's full, unredacted report on his Russian Federation probe and some underlying materials. So I don't know if Chris Wallace has information that I don't have, but that he is saying that Barr is perpetuating a lie about this conversation between him and Mueller?

As for producing all the underlying evidence to Congress, Nadler said in his letter to Barr that he would accept, for the time being, "immediate production" of only the "materials specifically cited in the report".

"If anybody else did that", Pelosi said, referring to Barr's testimony in a press conference on Thursday, "it would be considered a crime". Nobody is above the law.

Trump's attorney general was replaced by an empty chair and a ceramic chicken.

Barr released a redacted version on April 18.

Barr leaves his house in McLean, Va., on Thursday, the day he declined to show up for a House committee hearing.

In direct reference to the question he was asked, however, Barr said he was not aware of the concerns other, unnamed members of Mueller's staff might have held.

The Mueller report is pictured. McGahn also said that the president subsequently wanted him to make a statement that the report about the incident was untrue.

The House could vote to impeach Trump or Barr - which they richly deserve - but that would be a purely symbolic act and could backfire politically because Senate Republicans, like the O.J. Simpson jury, would vote to acquit regardless of the evidence. Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein subsequently concluded that Trump did not break the law.

The same committee now wants to talk to Mueller.

Although the White House fully cooperated with Mueller's team by providing documents and making officials available for extensive interviews, Trump has vowed to block the Democratic-led inquiries and to fight "all the subpoenas" now that the investigation he long decried as a "witch hunt" has reached its conclusion. But for each instance, Barr said Trump lacked the criminal intent required for obstruction and said there were alternate explanations for his behavior beyond trying to shut down the investigation.

"Being the attorney-general does not give you a badge to say whatever you want and it is a fact because you are the attorney-general."
Trump, in response to that moment, said Harris' attitude was "probably very nasty".

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