Frank Becomes Burger King's UK Agency of Record

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Frank Becomes Burger King's UK Agency of Record

Restaurant Brands International, Burger King's parent, said Monday that a month-long test of the Impossible Whopper at 59 restaurants in St. Louis has gone so well that it will start testing it in additional markets. This decision could have significant implications for the environment and our health, as producing meat requires a lot of water and land and emits tons of fossil fuel emissions.

On April 1, Burger King announced that it was testing Impossible (aka plant-based) Whoppers in the St. Louis area-with all the customary fixings you'd expect, like mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles, simply swapping a meatless patty in for the usual beef. Red Robin offers the Impossible burger at all locations, Carl's Jr. has Beyond Meat on the menu, and Del Taco uses vegan crumbles as well. The company said it may expand sales nationally by the end of this year.

We've reached out to Burger King Middle East to find out whether or not we can expect the veggie-friendly Whopper in the UAE any time soon, but have yet to hear back. Burger King's same-store earnings grew 2% as the company attempted to revive USA breakfast earnings with a $5 yearly java subscription deal.

Chris Finazzo said during an earnings conference call that customers were being attracted by the Impossible Whopper.

"It's really hard to distinguish between the Impossible Whopper and the original Whopper", he said.

"The Impossible Whopper is all Whopper, no beef".

Frank will work closely with Burger King UK's social and digital agency, Coolr, and ad agency BBH on the integrated account.

And while the brightly colored boxes might seem like just another fast food jab at Burger King's largest competitor McDonald's, their release is tied to an important cause.

The Toronto-based company reported net income of 53 cents. For what it is worth, Lee remains confident Impossible Foods will be able to keep up, and that is is "not sparing any expense" to meet demand.

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