'AG Barr should RESIGN' says Democratic Senator

Former U.S. Attorney general Michael Mukasey

Former U.S. Attorney general Michael Mukasey

His appearance Wednesday will be before a Republican-led committee chaired by a close ally of the president, Sen.

While Democratic senators bluntly questioned Barr's actions, Republicans, in addition to defending Trump, focused on the president's 2016 Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton's e-mail and campaign practices and what they feel is a lack of investigation of them. In it he says - and he isn't talking about press reaction. This threatens to undermine a central objective for which the Department appointed the Special Counsel: "to assure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations", the Post quoted Mueller as writing. But Barr said he was not "not interested in putting out summaries".

Democrats highly criticized Barr for releasing a four-page summary of Mueller's report on March 24 that found that the president was cleared of colluding with Russian Federation during the 2016 election and of obstructing justice in the investigation.

Barr has testified to Congress previously that Mueller declined the opportunity to review his four-page memo to lawmakers, which attempted to distill the essence of the special counsel's findings.

"He in fact sent him another letter on March 25, the day after Barr's four-page report in which he said that there was no collusion - the bottom line conclusions - there was no collusion, and while it didn't convict him, it didn't exonerate him either", Wallace continued.

Mueller wrote in a letter to Barr on March 27 that he was providing an introduction and executive summaries that had been scrubbed of sensitive information.

Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said given that Barr had agreed to testify, lawmakers "should be the ones doing the questioning". That was a stark turnabout from his confirmation hearing, when he said he didn't believe Mueller would ever be on a witch hunt.

Barr also claimed that the Office of Legal Counsel's memo which argued a sitting president can not be indicted didn't factor into Mueller's decision-making.

The appearance is Mr Barr's first since he released a redacted version of Mr Mueller's report on April 18.

Barr, who after receiving Mueller's report opted not to bring obstruction charges against the president, argued that there is a nuance to what occurred between Trump and McGahn and that the government would not be able to establish evidence for obstruction.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his wife Ann Cabell Standish, left, arrive for Easter services at St. John's Episcopal Church, April 21, 2019, in Washington D.C. Part of that decision was based on Mueller's finding that the president was not involved in an underlying crime related to Russian election interference.

Once Mueller abdicated on those questions, however, Barr and Rosenstein felt it necessary to have the DoJ complete that work.

Barr appeared unmoved by the criticism. After two years and all this time, he said, 'Mr.

He is due before the Senate Judiciary Committee today and has issued five pages of written testimony in advance.

Barr's handling of the Mueller report has added to tension between Democrats and the Trump administration which has refused demands by House committees for access to documents and witnesses.

Will Barr testify before House panel?

Nadler "has taken a voluntary hearing and turned it into a sideshow", Collins said.

'Attorney General Barr can no longer be trusted by the American people'.

Barr made good on that commitment but Democrats say it isn't enough.

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