Democrat O'Rourke accuses Trump White House of dictating Fox News content

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Former Acting AG Sally Yates Explains Why Trump Would Have Been Indicted If He Weren’t President

Former White House aide - and longtime associate of President Donald Trump - Omarosa Manigault Newman appeared on MSNBC on Sunday morning and admitted that she'd be willing - grudgingly she added - to be subpoenaed to appear before House Democrats and discuss what she feels are "discrepancies" in special counsel Robert Mueller's report on the Trump administration.

Turning to his nickname for Warren, Trump said: "I think Pocahontas, she's finished, she's out".

"I've personally prosecuted obstruction cases on far, far less evidence than this", Yates said.

She told the crowd, "It's pretty hot in this room tonight" and added "I'm so proud to work for the president".

The Judiciary Committee has the authority to draft articles of impeachment against presidents and other federal officials.

Mueller also said Congress has the power to address whether Trump violated the law and Congress is conducting its own investigations into whether he obstructed justice.

US Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke attacked the close ties between Republican President Donald Trump and Fox News yesterday, saying the White House has "free rein, almost" over what is broadcast on the cable television network. We need to hear from him under oath. "So the best person we can hear from is Attorney General Barr to find out why, one, his summary, a Cliff Notes version, was so different from the facts and two, why won't he just release the unredacted report?"

Richmond said his chief objective is to make sure the president does not secure a second term, and that he is "comfortable" accomplishing that effort either through impeachment or helping former Vice President Joe Biden defeat Mr. Trump in 2020.

The House panel's chairman, Congressman Jerrold Nadler of NY, wants to give the committee's 41 members five minutes apiece to ask Barr questions and then another 30 minutes for both Democratic and Republican lawyers for the committee to make more inquiries of Barr.

"I am very concerned about this president's fitness for office".

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