Adam Sandler Is Framed For Murder In 'Murder Mystery' Trailer

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in a still from Murder Mystery

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in a still from Murder Mystery

Jennifer Aniston can also be seen in recent Netflix hit Dumplin', while her co-star Adam Sandler's action comedy The Do-Over was also a Netflix movie.

They meet a glamorous stranger (Luke Evans), who takes them on board a yacht, where the murder of the title occurs.

Murder Mystery was filmed in Italy.

In "Murder Mystery" they play a married couple who become embroiled in the fallout of a billionaire's murder. Gemma Arterton, Luis Gerardo Mendez, and Terence Stamp are also part of the cast, writes IndieWire. The high-concept comedy directed by Kyle Newacheck was shot in Italy - not one of the usual Happy Madison haunts, like a water park in Long Island - where Sandler and Aniston hung out and ate dinner with George Clooney and Bono.

"They made us homemade pizza, had an wonderful time, I sat next to Bono". An Adam Sandler movie, I guess!

"Every time we're with Jennifer, something great happens!"

But the holiday takes a surprising turn when a chance encounter leads to them getting an invite to an intimate gathering on a Super Yacht of an elderly billionaire, Malcom Quince. "And my wife is so much going, 'Why didn't I marry Aniston?'" Adam said while talking about hanging with Jennifer, but preferring to stay home.

Netflix is on a roll when it comes to comedy films, and the latest must-stream to be announced is Murder Mystery. Sandler's and Aniston's characters are pegged for the murder, resulting in a comedic, modern version of the classic "whodunit" narrative.

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