Google Fit Ready For Apple Users

Google Fit app

Apps & Software The redesigned Google Fit app is coming to iOS today Andy Meek @aemeek

With the newly updated app, Apple users can sync their Apple Watch with the Google Fit app to keep track of their movement goals.

And yesterday, the company announced that as of yesterday, the Google Assistant can tell stories about Blaze and the Monster Machines and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles through Android and iOS mobile devices.

It was also revealed with the last Play Store updates that Google is developing a new material design for the application.

ZDNet reports that as many as 50 malicious lifestyle apps successfully bypassed Google's security checks and were made available for download in the Google Play app store. The Google Fit, which is available on Android since 2018, has been redesigned with some new modes and features for the platform.

The more you move, the more Move Minutes you earn. Heart Points are awarded for more intense sessions of physical activity and when you're really getting that heart pumping.

"When we launched the new Google Fit a year ago, we translated the science behind physical activity into two simple and smart activity goals: Move Minutes and Heart Points", Google's Defne Gurel explains.

In the unlikely event that you're an iPhone user with a Wear OS watch, Google Fit will also pull data from Wear OS directly. The app is compatible with similar apps already existing on iOS, such as Nike Run Club, Sleep Cycle, Strava, MyFitnessPal or Headspace.

At this point, however, Google Fit on iOS is mostly a silo for collecting and displaying data, and while there's an option to manually enter workouts and weigh-ins, it doesn't provide any ability to directly track activity data.

At the end of the day, all this means is that more people can use Google Fit now.

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