Nicolas Cage's wife of four days wants spousal support

Nicolas Cage Ends His Short Lived Marriage With Wife After 4 Days Files for Divorce

Nicolas Cage's wife of four days wants spousal support

The actor (and, lest we forget, director of a James Franco movie) recently had his fourth marriage, to girlfriend Erika Koike, annulled after only four days.

Cage submitted an application for annulment in late March, just four days after tying the knot with Koike in Las Vegas, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE at the time.

Koike says that the marriage was legitimate because two weeks after Cage filed the paperwork, he asked if they could restart their relationship the "right way". The woman identified as Erika Koike also noted that she wants the actor to pay her legal fees.

Though they were married for less than a week, the two have reportedly been together since April 2018.

He filed for an annulment after just four days of marriage.

He appeared to be "very out of it" and was "most likely drunk", an eyewitness told Koike seeks spousal support after allegedly losing career opportunities because Cage had damaged her reputation.

Koike was Cage's fourth wife - he was previously Wednesday to Patricia Arquette from 1995 until 2001, then to Lisa Marie Presley for three months in 2002. So it is not known exactly when they started dating.

Koike is a makeup artist.

She was reportedly put on probation and sentenced to community service in addition to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Koike was arrested for domestic violence in 2006 in a case involving her ex-husband, but the case was dismissed for lack of evidence, also according to The Blast.

Ultimately, she is asking for his complaint for annulment to be dismissed, for their contract of marriage to be dissolved, and for a decree of divorce.

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