Game Of Thrones Fans React To Learning The Night King’s Real Target

Game of Thrones: Everything You Need to Know About the White Walkers

Fans have been waiting with bated breath for the Battle of Winterfell, which will see numerous HBO show's lead characters go head-to-head against the White Walkers. She suspects Jon Snow as the only two people, who can 'verify the truth of Jon's parentage, are his brother (Bran) and his best-friend (Samwell Tarly).' Daenerys knows that if proved Jon will be considered the true heir to the Iron Throne.

It's a sound plan upon first hearing it. Keep those who have less of a chance of surviving the Night King and his hellish lackeys underground to ensure that they'll live to see morning?

What is worth noting is the theory was posted on Reddit before episode 2 aired, which was before we learned there was no Night King in command of the White Walkers marching on Winterfell.

You'd expect the Night King to ride that horse into battle, leading the White Walkers. However, many fans were baffled by this decision, knowing that the Night King has the power to not only raise the freshly dead, but also reanimate dusty old skeletons, as we saw at the Three-Eyed Raven's cave.

Keep in mind those pesky theories of Bran turning into the Night King in the finale still keep persisting. One of the new photos from the upcoming episode shows her outside on the ramparts with Arya (Maisie Williams).

Concerned fans have spotted a major problem for the next episode ofGame of Thrones - and it all concerns the crypts of Winterfell.

Either outcome would be a happy ending to a situation that has a high chance of becoming a total blood bath, and we're holding out hope for one of the two events to happen.

According to Yahoo Movies, at least one character from each snapshot will perish in the coming battle.

Regardless, an 8.2 percent dip in traditional viewership isn't something to gloss over, not even for a juggernaut like Game of Thrones, but taking all of that in, the numbers for "A Knight of Seven Kingdoms" are still huge compared to its fellow HBO shows and network shows in general. Even Daenerys has seen the throne room covered in fog and ice in her vision in season 2. He proposed an exciting strategy for the imminent Night King attack.

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