Video catches woman tossing plastic bag of puppies near a trash bin

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Coachella, Calif. - A woman has been arrested for allegedly throwing a bag containing seven newborn puppies into a Southern California dumpster.

Deborah Sue Culwell, 54, was arrested at her home in Coachella on Wednesday, Riverside County Animal Services confirmed to Fox News.

Exclusive video: The woman caught on camera allegedly dumping puppies into Coachella dumpster in 90-degree weather has been arrested on animal abuse charges.

Riverside County Animal Services officers discovered 38 dogs living in Culwell's home, which were "not in great condition" and not friendly, Welsh said.

The puppies, which were believed to be about three-days-old, were nursed back to health by a team of veterinarians and given to an animal rescue group.

The woman, who has not been named, could face seven felony counts of animal cruelty and a maximum of six years holed up in the slammer if convicted.

Welsh said he didn't know what breeds of dogs were at the home.

"Shortly afterward, a passerby, named John, rummaged through the trash and noticed the bag and brought it into the Napa store".

"We're talking about seven pups tossed in the garbage like they were trash", said John Welsh, a spokesman for the animal services agency, in an interview.

The mother of the dumped puppies may be among the 38 dogs seized from the home, according to the release.

But last week's case was notable because authorities rarely find a suspect. "This was a shameful act".

"There is no excuse for dumping puppies", Chris Mayer, commander of animal services, said in a statement. "If not for the Good Samaritan's actions, the puppies may not have survived much longer", said Riverside County Animal Services in its Facebook post, sharing a video of the puppies and the woman.

"The bag being tied shut on a day where temperatures were in the mid-90s in Coachella-the likelihood that those pups would've survived if not for that passerby would've been impossible, if not for that person recognizing that something was wrong", he noted.

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