Netanyahu Wants To Name A New Golan Heights Settlement After Trump

Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday that Israel will name a new community on the Golan Heights for President Donald Trump.

Some people sought to give the PM a history lesson, reminding him that the Golan Heights territory was illegally captured from Syria during Israel's 1967 war with Egypt and other Arab states.

In a longer clip, Netanyahu said that there is "a need to express our appreciation by calling a community or neighborhood on the Golan Heights after Donald Trump".

"The goal must be to try to bring people together and not just support one country, which is now run by a right-wing, dare I say, racist government", Sanders said, adding that Netanyahu "is treating the Palestinian people extremely unfairly".

Netanyahu is now talking to potential coalition partners in order to form Israel's next government.

Breaking with long-standing worldwide consensus last month, Trump officially recognised Israel's annexation of the strategic plateau that it seized from Syria in 1967 in the Arab-Israeli war and annexed in 1981. It also reiterated in March that it "does not recognise Israeli Sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights".

Naming a town after Trump would not be the first time that Israeli leaders have honored the USA president with an eponymous site, but it would be the most significant.

In December 2017, Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital, along with plans to move the embassy to Jerusalem.

President Donald Trump's name is emblazoned on buildings and real estate around the globe.

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