Avengers Endgame first reactions: The ultimate MCU film, exceeds all fan expectations

Avengers Fans Complain About No Fan Section at'Endgame Premiere

Marvel Studios Releases Every End Credits Scene Ever Ahead Of 'Endgame' Release

Yes, Avengers: Endgame held its world premiere in Los Angeles last night and already Twitter is flooded with Tweets, all showing tons of enthusiasm and love for the latest MCU film.

Fandango's Erik Davis revealed that Avengers: Endgame and its cast received a "massive" standing ovation.

Avengers: Endgame will follow the superheroes who survived the snap, such as the original six, Nebula, Rocket, Ant-Man, War Machine, Okoye and Captain Marvel who must deal with the aftermath of their failed mission to stop Thanos. Let's just say that the word "epic" is going to be found in a lot of Endgame reviews, based on reactions on social media. Be ready, kids. Be. Great blend of action, emotion and humor while keeping the stakes high throughout.

Steve Wintraub wrote, "Don't know how any @MarvelStudios fan walks out of #AvengersEndgame disappointed. You'll learn about other movies while this one unfolds". This Marvel action flick happens to be one of the most awaited movies of the year 2019. Additionally, the super-sized superhero pic also smashed China's record for advance tickets, with fans doling out $90 million to secure themselves a spot to see Endgame in its first few days at the box office.

The star-studded crew's cover of Billy Joel's 1989 hit "We Didn't Start the Fire" served as a suitable follow-up to their amusing take on "The Brady Bunch" (aka "The Marvel Bunch") when "Avengers: Infinity War" was released back in April 2018.

Yes, even Chris Evans cried too.

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